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A beautiful journey of love and discovery

AnnaNina Good


My mother has told me, that as a little girl, I was so open hearted to all people and smiled at them and reached for their hands, that she had to always watch me, so no one would take me away, cause I would have just gone along with anyone… Full of trust and so open hearted, to give my love to everyone.

As a little girl, I was so open hearted to all people

AnnaNina Good

Now an adult woman, I am still relearning the exact thing I did so naturally as a child. I have built walls, closed my heart to protect it and through my teenage years became super introverted, shy and with absolutely no self-confidence at all…

I have worked on rebuilding myself and tearing down wall after wall, stone by stone, piece by piece for the past 20 years and have freed myself of so many self-doubts, fears and other issues that kept me small and captured… and still, after all this time I am confronted again and again with that voice inside me, that wants to keep me small and captured… There is one big difference: it has become much more quiet, softened and it is not as loud as it used to be… it is losing control and is slowly dying as I keep going and growing.

Every time I take the jump and do what I want to do, be who I want to be, no matter what I myself might be thinking inside, I grow a little more and come one step closer to my essence and who I truly am. 

“I call the very hard moments “pearl diving times”, moments when we have the opportunity to grow the most. To the very ground and into the deep ocean”

AnnaNina Good

Life is so rich and beautiful, even (or especially) in the very hard and dark times, cause those are the moments when we have the opportunity to grow the most, peal ourselves off all the layers we have put around us. I have learned to call those moments “pearl diving times” and in my experience, that‘s exactly what it is. Pearl diving. To the very ground and into the depth of the ocean ✨

Life has taken me on a great journey, through many ups and downs, through motherhood – I would call my son; the greatest teacher I ever had!– through storms, to beautiful places of joy and to dark places of fear…

AnnaNina Good

My path has taken me to lead the most wonderful man I have ever known…

And finally my path has taken me to meet the most wonderful man I have ever known, to Jonas. And of course, we went through many storms together too… and though it was sometimes very painful and hard to bear –confronted with our deepest fears and forced to let go of old patterns and ideas– we both grew so much together in a very short time. It sometimes really seems like a lifetime!

Life and growth is a decision. It takes willpower and courage. Every time we are confronted with a situation or feeling, we have the choice of how and who we want to be. And the courage Jonas and I both had, to make the choices we made, again and again, brought us to where we are today.

Together we have created a life that allow us to be more free and brings us more joy every day. We left Germany and Switzerland and now live in the north of Perú, in an amazingly beautiful valley, together with our animals (3 dogs, 2 cats and a horse). 

I work remotely as a web and graphic designer. I was always passionate about design, colours and transporting feelings to people, which I can do perfectly through my work.

Together with Jonas, we also support and coach people on their healing-journey. Both couples and individuals. After all the transformation we have gone through ourselves, both, as a couple and each of us individually, we feel in a position to support and inspire others to get closer to where and who they want to be.

And the journey goes on and I can‘t wait to see where life will take us.


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