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Transforming From Within

Where does it all start?

From within our being we hear and perceive the world.

We think it is outside ourselves and in reality, all happening inside us.

Without the observer who feels, hears, perceives and sees everything… the world is invisible, the world is imperceptible.

We are the expression of the universe that beats within us.

We are every layer of our being that opens, contracts and unfolds through us.

All that we are from within blossoms on the outside….

Everything that others see in ourselves starts from within our being.

So where do transformations take place?

They all start from within, from what we are, from what we perceive, from what is transformed in our being.

There, wherever you are now, in the sacred space of what you are, multiple forms, multiple processes are happening, and at the same time you are space, that space from which everything manifests.

You inhale, and you breathe in that which seems to be outside of you.

You inhale and exhale that which seems to be inside you.

There is an exchange. A living happening that transforms, that nourishes, and that happens through you, inside and outside of you.

Where do you go when you feel? Are you inside of you?

Everything that comes from ‘outside’ is happening inside you, in that space, it is where it really happens, where it takes shape, where it is transformed.

Social processes are the result of the interactions that happen between different beings that are carrying out these processes.

Each individual, each expression of each being is a contribution to this collective breath, to this immense fabric.

What am I receiving from the world?, and better yet, what am I giving to it with each breath I take?

Inhale, exhale… wake up ✨

Ecosinnova, an awakened ecosystem, where we create conscious networks ✨


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